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Common Book Event Recordings

  • Transplantation, Medical Ethics, and the Pursuit of Equity with Joel Newman

  • Wilder School Symposium: Racism, Health and Accountability

  • Community Driven Research and the Ethical Treatment of Human Remains: Sampling the Ancestral Remains from the East Marshall Street Well Project

  • Making Ethical Healthcare Decisions

The Organ Thieves Walking Tour

The Organ Thieves Walking Tour Map

VCU Health: Beyond The Organ Thieves

"The Organ Thieves: The True Shocking Story of the First Heart Transplant in the Segregated South," by Chip Jones, is the 2022-2023 VCU Common Book. Beyond the Organ Thieves tells of the events and programs that have been launched over the past 50 years at the VCU Medical Center since the first heart transplant was performed in 1968.

VCU Health: Health Equity Video Series

The Health Equity video series features interviews and testimonials with VCU and VCU Health staff and community members as they discuss how health disparities in the metro Richmond area are being addressed.

The Health Equity Series: Ram Pantry and Little Ram Pantries

Learn more about the Ram Pantry and Little Ram Pantires

The Health Equity Series: Medical Legal Partnership

Learn more about the medical legal partnership

The Health Equity Series: Partnership to Address Housing Instability

Learn more about addressing housing instability

The Health Equity Series: Facts & Faith Fridays

Learn more about Facts and Faith Fridays

The Health Equity Series: Health Hub at 25th

Learn more about the Health Hub at 25th

The Health Equity Series: Food is Medicine

Learn more about about the Food is Medicine program