Welcome Week Discussion groups (Monroe Park and MCV Campuses, throughout the day on 8/21/2017 and 8/22/2017)

These hour-long discussions, led by VCU faculty, staff, and graduate students, focus on Part I of Dreamland. They provide an opportunity for incoming first-year students to delve into the book personally and academically as they begin their university studies.


Interdisciplinary Student-Led Discussions, ASPiRE Residence Hall, October 2017

These informal discussions bring together students from Focused Inquiry classes, the Living Learning Communities (ASPiRE, Globe, Lead), the Graduate School, and the MCV campus. Considering Dreamland through these different disciplinary lenses gives each of us a deeper understanding of the problems explored in Dreamland, and a more nuanced view on possible solutions.


Two-part series on addiction, treatment and recovery (October and November, 2017)

This series features panelists from throughout the VCU and Richmond communities who will discuss addiction, treatment and recovery through legal and medical lenses. Offering different perspectives and experiences, the panelists—including scholars, policy-makers, legal specialists, medical professionals, and individuals who have been personally affected by addiction—will shed light on the personal and societal impact of addiction, and will discuss ways that the opiate epidemic has been and should be regarded. This series is co-sponsored by I2CRP.


Movie screenings (September and October, 2017)

Thursday, Sept. 14 from 5 - 8 p.m., Larrick Center

Please join VCU Libraries and Common Book for a viewing of Oxyana.

Following the screenings of documentaries related to addiction and recovery, we will have discussions that are open to the VCU and Richmond communities.